Sunday 29th September saw Poole Ju jitsu host a master class seminar with Sensei Kevin King 7th Dan from the Fudoshin Ju-jitsu Club based in Dorchester and 6th Dan instructor, Sensei Dave Scanlan from the Rising Sun Martial Arts club based in Romsey and Sensei Rory Coombs 4th Dan from Dorchester Fudoshin Ju jitsu.

Sensei Kevin King covered various weapons and application of weapons whilst Sensei Dave Scanlan covered traditional Ju jitsu hand to hand techniques.

Everyone enjoyed the variety of techniques taught and the next seminar will be early next year date to be confirmed.

Unbelieveable & amazing course by Sensei King

George PearcePoole Ju jitsu instructor

Poole Ju jitsu regularly hosts seminars & courses from the most senior grades in the country, including UFC fighters and Olympic champions. We are very proud of having such influential guests and plan for that to continue.